Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Epicly yours & word jams

     It's a good thing to get stuff out of your head, or my head.  It seems like it is less full and there is a small cool spot near the top.  Either that, or someone has left the window open again and there is a slight breeze that I am otherwise unaware of.  I guess I tend to write more than I think, at any one time.  I don't mean to, and I don't have an idea or plan about how long something will be or how much I write.  It's like the topic is a bubble and I end up filling the topic with the letters and words that are all piled up in my mind, like old furniture in a dusty attic.  I don't know how big the bubble will be.  it sort of finds it's own end.  Eve is such a diverse game, with so many avenues to explore and so many different types of game play, and means of making isk, there are a ton of questions, thoughts and ideas I have on it.

     In the process of looking for a direction to go in Eve, I first need to know what directions I can go.  The tutorials were great at introducing the basics, but there are so many directions to go with game play, that the searches for more information lead me to a lot of great sources of info.  I particularly like Eve University's wiki.  I like using eve-search.com too, because it is read only and forces me to think about things before being able to post, or ask a question.  I also like reading the Eve blogs, as some are very good sources of first hand, rationalized experience.  Forum posts are fine, but there's sometimes a low signal to noise ratio and it's hard to know what is what as a new player.

     As I am a fairly unimaginative guy, and EveHQ gives me migraines, I particularly like the blogs that take a boat, fit it out, explain why they fit it that way, how they fly the boat, and what happened.  I loved the Punisher plan from Flight of Dragons and with my skills on a similar level to his (skill POINTS, not PVP skills . . .) I too was, and am, able to go low sec ratting with a simple T1 Punisher.  It was a huge rush the first time I took out my first rat BS.  As I cross trained all the frigates and a number of the weapon systems, I do ok with a Rifter too.

     I also really enjoy The Altruist's meat and potato tutorials on basic game play aspects that come in handy for PVP and low sec.  I've read his "Know Your Enemy" series multiple times and each time I read it, it sinks in a little further.  His tips on safe undocks and bookmarks are also a confirmation of what I thought would be helpful, but he has much better implementation PLUS he's got great explanations on why to do it a certain way, not just guesses like me.  There are a number of others as well, often times pirate oriented blogs, and as I slowly click through from blog to blog, some catch my interest while others do not.  I do enjoy the first hand experiences, from a lot of different viewpoints though.

     It would be a good thing, to quiet the mind, perhaps vent some anger, if more people wrote.  While writing isn't for everyone, I think many that might write are perhaps concerned that someone might think what they write sucks, or that no one would read it or comment favorably on it.  I'm not overly concerned about that.  Eve inspires a lot of thoughts and this is as good a spot as any to write them out.  Maybe it'll help purge some space.  I look forward to seeing what it feels like to clear some of these things out of my head.

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