Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The plan is a foot, but not a jar.

     I tend to have a graphical and literal thinking process, so every time I see or hear "afoot", "ajar" or similar words, it always makes me chuckle.  I know I didn't spell the words like that in the subject, but that was the point.

     Anyway, the toons are progressing nicely in the plan for universal domination and ass-lamination.  The toons all have their level 5 implants in, and I just need one more Highwall and Michi's for minig yield boosts.  The scanning toon has two implants for scanning, and the orca/boss toon has her leadership and mining implants in.  The other jump clones will have implants more specific to certain tasks like research and manufacturing when the time comes.

     The toons all have their spaceship 5 done up, and all their navigation skills, at least the primary ones, are up to level 4.  Right now they are working their way through the mechanic skills.  Lots of eye-candy skills in there, but they'll all get their armour resists and the base skills up to 4 ( a couple are already 5s) plus they'll get remote repping skills (for fleets and POS repair) and a few of them that regularly get used for salvage duties will get their salvage up to 4 as well.

     I still want a few more implants as well as a freighter, and looking through some of the COSMOS missions, a blockade runner might not be a bad thing either, so I'll build up a stockpile of about 2.5 billion isk maybe, to take care of those and make sure I have enough of a bank roll to take me through the period of time for the COSMOS part of the plan.  It's rather satisfying to get the cyber 5 skill done as that is the biggest skill point earning factor that is over and done with.  Slowly going through all the skills prior to starting the mission phase is also quite enjoyable because one or more skills complete almost every day.  A nice change from waiting for weeks for a skill completion message, but I know that will change once I have predominantly Lvl 4s in all the skills.  If all holds to plan, I still should be ready to head off to the COSMOS by the end of Sept, and I might even be slightly ahead of the skill training cue by the time that comes and I should have a fairly healthy bank roll to boot.

     In the next few weeks, I'll start reading up on what skills I want to/need to train for manufacturing and get on those during the COSMOS mission running phase plus start topping up the last 3 orca pilot skills from 4 to 5.

The Point?  "Keep to the code".  Follow the plan, don't be distracted by shinies!  Easier said, than done though . .

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