Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Plan: Amended

     The slow, steady accumulation of skill points continues, and mostly in the direction intended.  With the inclusion of incursions in my Eve life, it added a couple other "distractions" to the training cue that weren't really intended or anticipated.

     Regardless, R&D is going forward nicely with 3 of the toons.  Two of the new toons will be taking ~2 weeks to train up to level 4 in the R&D skills so they can utilize their level 4 agents.  When time permits, they'll continue slowly skilling up their core skills to match the others, and right now they are topping off their ice harvesting, as well as doing missions for the Sisters of Eve.

     My main is finishing up getting at least all level 4s across the board for battleship skills to help flying Incursions.  With the war decs currently going on, there's ample time to train skills and spend the rest of the time in PVP fleets or doing low sec bookmarking, sites and ratting in areas where the war targets seemingly don't like to come near.  Once that training is done, he'll go to level 4 in his hulk and then get cruiser 5 so I can go get a Legion.  The Legion will fit very nicely both with my Incursion and site running, and with my scanning.

     My main alt is finishing up her BS skills so that I can still run Incursions when the other toon(s) is/are in a war dec, and then she'll be going for the month long warfare link spec 5 - then only one more month long skill to go and she's got perfect Orca.  After that, I'll add a few more skills and levels to her research and manufacturing skills.

     2nd alt is also finishing up her BS skills for Incursion flexibility.  She'll also get basic Orca pilot skills but first, she'll head toward flying logistics boats for support.  She'll also get trained in more manufacturing and research skills as needed.  My brother's toon is also finishing up the BS skills and will be more combat oriented, like my main is.

     All the toons can, and have, BPOs being researched for ME and PE.  I have tons of ore, literally, and lots of salvaged items, so I'm starting to make my own ammo and modules.  I'd like to get a hold of some Drake and Hurricane BPOs too.  The main amendment to my plan is the high sec POS.  With the POCO fees, that has really changed the game for high sec PI.  I imagine a lot of prices are going to go through the roof, for all kinds of T2 products, when high sec PI drops off.  I also had a chance to do some wormhole messing around, but I don't think I have the time to devote to it right now, learning, to be comfortable in there.

     All the various missions and faction agents are still out there, including ORE.  All the COSMOS missions are still out there too, and next I'd likely do some Minmatar to balance things out a bit, plus, it will give rep for ORE itself.  Lots of time to build up cash and LP, especially Concord LP, and see where these new POCOs take us.

The Point?  Plans are fine and this is progressing nicely, but the POS can wait until I see what the POCO will do to the economy.

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