Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's curious . . .

     When all the shit hit the fan about Vile Rat, word also came out about some corp/alliance that was taking advantage of the goon's "quiet time" while they mourned VR.  Supposedly/apparently/possibly/allegedly some organization was out shooting the goon's sov shit in the face, and all kinds of people freaked out about it.  The thing that is curious about it, is that is pretty much stereotypical goon behaviour (the fucking-someone-when-they-are-down part) so that made me very curious as to why, even through their . . . "condition" at the time, they couldn't appreciate that behaviour, because it was exactly like something they'd do, and definitely like lil Alex's.  As is generally the case with people who have anti-social behaviour patterns though, along with that mind set comes the, uhh . . "ability" to completely rationalize aberrant behaviour on their part while finding it completely revolting when someone else does the exact same thing.  To me, that is some curious hypocritical behaviour on the part of the goons and all their little sycophants, pets and wanna-bees.

     2nd thing that's curious, is how all the said goon-derps, sycophants, pets and wanna-bees lost their shit over an Eve player dying.  He's not the first one, the first Eve player, to die from violence, disease or by other more peaceful methods.  I remember reading not too long ago about a dude, an Eve player, who died in a motorcycle crash.  No big song-and-dance or blog spam, or quiet time for him.  VR might not even be the first goon to have died.  I don't think the motorcycle dude was a goon though, so no big "candle thing" for him I guess.  Now, to be fair, I think it's unreasonable for anyone to expect the goons to manage and keep track of all of Eve's obituaries.  Friends and colleagues of the other deceased Eve players could have easily taken up the torch there, right?  In typical goon fashion of "go big or stay on the porch", they went big on VR.  I don't really get into it for three main reasons.  First he was a goon, and I don't care much about what happens to anyone who gets their jollies by inflicting misery, real or virtual on other real people.  Second, if we was "tight" with mittens, that's also a very, very good reason to have no interest in the individual at all.  In all my years and travelling, I have yet to meet super nice people who hang around with assholes and sociopaths on the scale of mittens.  IMO, you "play" one, and you are one.  More on that another time though.  Lastly, from decades with the military and government, and my share of hot spots, any kind of staff (from any country) that hangs out in embassies or is "liaison" (or any other flowery term you might prefer) in war zones are not the dopey diplomats, drivers and secretaries that their governments like to claim they are.  Those people are there to apply some "foreign policy measures" and in real world terms, that means lying, manipulating and fucking with local or adjacent people and countries for their own gain.  I think that's bullshit (from any nation) and I don't agree with it in real life, so I certainly don't agree with it in a virtual one either.  I guess I'm not "evolved" enough to be OK with that level of personal hypocrisy.  So, as VR apparently applied the same skills in the real world as he did in real life, I don't lose much sleep over those people either.

     What's curious about all the uproar over VR, is that when a carebear Eve player got ganked and sent a sad little Eve mail to the goons, mittens decided it would be good lolz to publicize it and invite any and all, in the virtual world, to get the guy to commit suicide, in the real world.  Now though, a guy who made a living in the real world by conniving, lying and manipulating people and places, like the goons do in Eve, is to be made an icon or a hero in a virtual world?  The same little herd of sycophants, pets and wanna-bees laughed at the first example, and freaked over the second.  That's some curious shit.

     The last major thing I find curious is how disconnected from reality many Eve players seem to be, especially the ones that condone the ganking and bullying.  In Eve, the "sandbox" is set up to allow and superficially "police" all the negative and aberrant behaviour that is not condoned in the real world.  In Eve, goons, et al, can and do try anything they can to fuck with anyone that isn't a goon, or a goon fanboy, and they do it with pretty much no accountability, and the "carebears" can either suck it up, or fuck off out of Eve.  Other Eve players, REAL people, complain about how senseless and unjust their behaviour is.  The goons and their sheep laugh.  They can't really be touched by their victims.  In the real world, when individuals, organizations or countries fuck with other people on the planet, there aren't always repercussions or accountability either, at least at first, but in this case with the US embassy and the bombings, it's real people that are pissed off by being fucked with by other real people, only these "carebears" will fuck back.  Regardless of country, because all the "civilized" or "rich" and/or "powerful" nations do it, when the real world "carebears" retaliate, interestingly, the people who started the problem are now the "victims" and THEY are the ones using the ever popular "senseless" and "terrorist" rhetoric.  In Eve, like in the real world, the organizations with the most money and power are the ones that seemingly tend to fuck with people the most.  I guess in Eve though, people have decided it's ok to do to REAL people on the other end of their electronic weapons, the same things they scream about in real life.  That's curious to me, and pathetic.

     In the end though, if the goon's big VR hullaballoo gets some kind of Eve player memorial to ALL the Eve players that have died, that I think is cool.  As much as the goons and their like are assholes, if they can scare up 150 large for the widow and kids, then their in-game herd mentality makes them slightly useful assholes to at least 3 people.

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  1. Where are your sources for this "information"? Why is this of such a big deal for you? and why are you trying to (and failing) to create a connection between EVE and real world Politics based on one individuals death? Are you aware of what Vile Rat (Sean Smith) actually did for the EVE community/game as a whole? I don't believe you are. I am by no means a member of GoonSwarm or any of their allies. In fact I'm in an alliance that is considered Hostile to them and yet I have a deep respect for VR as I've conversed with him several times in and out of game.

    Sure people die every day, people who play EVE infact. However what was being celebrated (which you clearly failed to understand) was Vile Rats contributions to the game. a Factor that will be missed. The game wouldn't be what it is today without him.

    Before writing a mess of a blog post with no coherency try doing a bit of research before you complain and honestly disrespect a man that has contributed so much to the game we play. Your ramblings are that of a child that is begging for attention.