Friday, December 7, 2012

Mining libations: pods and cans

     Whilst mining I mentioned I listen to pod casts.  I don't mind learning a little bit about Eve's history from them, and I especially like hearing about the history from a null sec perspective.  As such, I tend to go back as far into the podcast's archives as I can, and move forward to the present from there.  I like the mental connection a "podcast" generates when the subject matter of the podcast is Eve.  Broadcast from a pod.  Fitting, thinks I.

     Anyway, I listened to Pixxie's Eve Online Podcast off of iTunes.  I thought she was an Aussie, but it turns out she has a South African twang to her voice instead.  At any rate, she only had a few episodes, but her voice was very pleasant to listen to.  She's pod faded since May of this year as she jumps around a lot from one MMO to another.  She speaks from a new player perspective and was well worth the listen.

     Another one I listened to was called Isk.  It's a guy who plays the market, trades and does BPO research and sales.  He sounds like a pretty smart guy and makes his in-game isk using the methods he talks about.  Unfortunately, he isn't very good at clearly describing what it is he does or how he does it.  He jumps around a lot in his podcast and even though I do most of everything he talks about, I still had a problem understanding what he was talking about at times.  He should make show notes, a basic "plan" for what he wants to cover, how he wants to cover it, and make sure it is in order.  He got his accounts banned in Dec 2011 for some forum post.  They were reinstated about a month later, but hasn't done anything since.  One thing that was an aggravation, and a distraction, was listening to him huffing away on his cigarettes, and listening to him gulping wine.  I've heard other similar explanations or talks on similar subject matter that were far more informative and easier to understand.

     Another one of the many I've listened to, is Starfleet Comms.  A great podcast, by a bunch of Brits (I think) but sadly, due to real life happening to one of the hosts, the podcast is pretty much done.  It was two men and a woman.  They worked well together, were very smooth, very comfortable with each other.  Well worth the effort of starting from their first episode, and working your way to the last.  Can't tell you what the date was for their last episode because they use Yoiul Conference time :)  I was hooked after just a couple episodes and was very disappointed that they had faded out.

     While I like to listen to podcasts and audio books, others have different ideas of what fun is, around ye olde asteroid belt.

     Yes, that is the same dude from Mittens-gate and fanfest, but it wasn't him that set up all those cans.  It was another player, apparently, a fan.  It was pretty impressive to see when you warp in, because that cluster in the middle, is a huge ice belt.  The pattern of the jet cans dwarfed the belt.

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