Jestertrek FOTW - Fit of the Week

     This is Jester's series from his blog.  I'm putting the links here so it's a compiled list of really excellent fits and explanations, and then I don't need to keep drilling down his posts to find them.  I would imagine the intent is for less knowledgeable players, like moi, to copy the fits as closely as possible for extreme pew pew goodness and chicks and beer.  I can do that :)  Especially the beer part.  Here they are, from oldest to newest . . .

PVP Nano Taranis - Jan 11
PVP Standard Hurricane
PVE Spider Tengu

PVP AB Zealot - Feb 11
PVP Manticore x 2
PVE Drake (End game)
Supertanker Orca

Curse - Mar 11
PVP Vagabond
PVE Ishtar (End game)
PVE Raven
PVP Shield Harbinger

PVP Rupture - Apr 11
Hellcat Abaddon
PVE Nightmare (End Game)
PVP Keres
PL Thundercat Tengus
4 LST Scimitar

1600mm Plate Guardian - June 11

PVE Machariel (End Game) - July 11
PVP MSE Dramiel
Incursion Basilisk
PVP Enyo
POS Bash Apocalypse

AF Incursion Bhaalgorn - Aug 11
PVP Sleipnir
PVP Celestis
PVP Sabre

PVP Flycatcher - Sept 11
6 Link Tengu
PVE Omen, Navy Issue (+ PVP)
PVP Huginn

PVP Brutix - Oct 11
PVP Sniper Ferox
PVP Megathron
PVP Alpha Tornado (Pre-launch)
PVP Sniper Eagle
Exploration Tengu

AF Incursion Armageddon, Navy Issue - Nov 11
PVP Dual-prop Cynabal
POS Bash Hound
Gas Harvesting Moa

PVP Punisher - Dec 11
PVE Thrasher