Moving to Null: How to's

     As it is an interest of mine to eventually end up there, I take not when I stumble across a more in depth address of the subject than some griefing little asswipe trying to get people to move to null so there will be more ships to shoot.  As such, when I find one, I'll put a link here.  Obviously, the older the guide is, the less technical info may be accurate due to game updates, but the general principles should still apply.  I might copy the contents and make a local page for them too, just in case they should ever be lost.

Nov 2011 - Jestertrek Guide:  Moving to Null Sec 1  2  3
Aug 2011 - The Elitist Null-Sec Guide for Null-Sec Newbs
Jun 2011  - A Scientist's Life, Adding up the Cost of Nullsec 1  2  3
Apr 2011 - Ten Ton Hammer 10 Tips For Moving to Null-sec
Mar 2011 - Eve Tribune A guide to your first move to 0.0
Feb 2011 - Fiddler's Edge Null Sec Renter's Guide 1
2010        - Eve Fusion Living in 0.0
Jul 2008   - Eve Trinity Low-sec to Null-sec

Of relevance . . .
Poetic Stanziel Travelling Nullsec - The Newbie guide and Hauling - Using a Null-sec Scout