Monday, April 9, 2012

The hiatus doth end . . . eth . . . . est

     So, I'm listening to the Sharpe's series audio books, and they are ye olde English, anon.  It's groovy.  I'm not so enamoured of a couple of the shows I've seen so far, but the audio books are excellent.

     Anyway, lots of important things happening in real life, so when there is a bit of a respite, and I have time for Eve, I shant be talking about it, I shall be playing it.  The accounts have all still been chugging along, and I have been managing enough cash to keep the accounts PLEX'd, but I have a little spare time now, so I can blog a little and play a little too.

     I have been keeping up with Eve and reading a number of other blogs whilst I eat breakfast, or other periods of small multitasking, but while actually playing, I am running 7 or 8 accounts, so there is no time to blog and play.  At least for me.  So, I have some small posts to air out and then we'll see what we will see.  On the meta level, it has been an interesting start to the year, so there's lots to opine on, even belatedly.  :)

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  1. I loved and agree with your statement, "the very, very, VERY best fucking tears are griefer tears" and your whole Kittens post. I can't find your post about it anymore though.