Friday, April 13, 2012

The Plan: Plateaus

     The 4 oldest toons are in the 20 to 23 million SP range, the two middle toons are about 15 million and the newest is chugging along at about 4 million.  The first major training goals, centred around mainly industry/mining, have been met.  At this point, many of the "easy" and quick training goals are far behind.  Now, it is longer term goals that need to be considered.

     They've all got enough science skills trained to research BPs, so I have a bunch of BPs squared away with ME and PE maxxed out.  The main manufacturing toon can make anything up to a titan, so I bought some researched carrier and rorqual BPC sets.  I also found Dragonol's Excel spreadsheet and have been tweaking it to bring it up to date with current mods.  I'll post a link to it when it is done.  It's a great little tool for determining if it is worth it to just buy and item or make it for less money.  5 of the toons are perfect miners, one is a perfect orca pilot and the newest one will concentrate on getting into a hulk with basic core skills, then getting level 5 implants into it instead of the current level 4s.  I got all of them, except the newest, trained up enough to fly basic battleships and two toons are in T3s.  I think right now, I'll make sure all the toons get to battleship 5, and 5s in their gunnery skills as many of the related skills will help them get into carriers and rorquals.  Those will be long hauls, but the skills will all be useful and it will give me time to chart the next steps.  I could point them straight at capitals, but to get decent dread and carrier skills, battleship and weapon skills will need to be brought up anyway.  I'll do that first, plus, it will be a help for a month long hulkageddon.  maybe I'll make some mining battleships :)

     I'll make up some new pie charts just for grins to see how the points compare.

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