Friday, April 25, 2014

Same 'ol same 'ol

Back in Mar '13 I think, CCP came out with one of their typical "broken" patches and memory and CPU usage just about doubled on my machine.  Previously, I could run ten clients, have a couple reference we pages up, and be listening to mp3s or a podcast at the same time.  After their patch, I couldn't run five clients by themselves without the machine seriously chugging.  I reported the problems on the shit-show Eve-O forums, along with others having the same issues (not to mention all the other shit CCP broke) but after a few more patches they were doing nothing about it except fixing bullshit like t-shirt and tie graphics, so fuck em, I let all 10 accounts lapse.

With the idea that I might give it a shot if CCP ever got their shit together, I left enough plex and isk to run all the accounts for a couple months.  Time has gone by, and I have little urge to play, and CCP seems to have learned little.  Players are still raging, subscriptions are still apparently comatose, daily player counts are still dropping (even though they are now adding dust players to the online player count), the blue donut went from moon goo farming to renter farming and no fields and farming at all, lots of gud-fights/big fights but no "real fights" where new organizations get to play in big-boy null without sucking off CFC first for permission.  Lots of ship changes, UI changes, industry and finance changes that favour null, and daily player counts still tank.  CCP has cleverly found another way to get more money out of the zealots by "allowing" subscribers to not just pay fifteen bucks a month per account, but FORTY FIVE dollars a month per account for the "privilege" of ghost training your other two toons AND CCP is once again/still using Eve players to fund other projects that they hope won't die like White Wolf - aka Valkyrie.  CSM had a reduced turnout for the vote, and this one is projected to have even lower voter turnout because apparently players are starting to think/see/believe that the CSM is more a PR project than a player representative body.  not a surprise. Yawn.

Some stub articles that I started are still relevant even with all the changes and a year going by.  Pretty lame and obviously CCP has learned little.  Mind you, how is that a surprise when players having been saying exactly that for more years than I have been playing.  More to follow though.

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