Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A capital plan, sir.

     A fair ways back, my friend and I had a few toons finally trained up to the point of being able to make rorquals, freighters, carriers and such.  We grabbed a bunch of BPC packs from Jita, as they were pleasantly cheap, and planned to make ourselves some freighters for our toons, and also to have the other capital BPCs handy for when we dip into low sec and/or null later in the year if life allows.  Being able to mine our own ore is very convenient, and we'd only likely have to spend something on the order of 300 misk for the mega and zydrine we'd need for each capital class boat.  As the price of everything goes up and down, we've got a modded version of the Dragonol spreadsheet to show us whether it's more profitable to buy the capitals or build them.

     We've got an area picked out where a good lowsec system is easy access from high sec, so we can pop in there, with good scouting and bookmarks, and set up carrier production as there are no carriers for sale in the area, and haven't been for a long while.  With all the various BPOs to pick up, it should be in the 25 billion neighbourhood to get us well on our way, and then we can load up all the toons and get the researching the ME and PE.  That should take a few months and then by fall, we should be able to start looking at prices and see what our best bets are.  We'll make a few basic modules as well to make it convenient for the new carrier owners to fit the ships out a little and help them get home.  Should be able to sell a few boats, especially to teh bad boys and girls who can't climb up into high sec.

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