Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why yes, Virginia, Jita was burning . .

    So, logging on for the end of April one could see there was beaucoup activity in and around Jita.  CCP was even good enough to post a nifty travel advisory.  I guess if that doesn't prove that CCP was ok with the event, I don't know what would.  I wonder how many players opened Eve, saw that message, but didn't really see it or understand it?

     So, Saturday when I checked and logged in, there were close to 2200 in Jita.  2180-something, I think.  I was auto piloting a shuttle in there to see whutz whut, just for grins, and ended up at the Perimeter gate with dozens and dozens of ships waiting to jump in, some of which were also freighters. ??  Macro transport runs or exceedingly brave/stupid?  I don't know, but anyway, I was still on AP sitting at the gate, and then poof, I was in, and on my way to 4-4.  Didn't notice any lag, or even the time dilation, but lots and lots of ships floating around, few wrecks at the time and little shooting.  I logged the other 7 toons in, shuttled them in too, and sat in 4-4.  My little contribution was a) take up 8 system slots that the goon-derps can't use, 2)  take the place of 8 characters that can't be shot at by the goon-derps, and c)  the worst case, take the place of 8 toons that could/would/might be out in space shooting the goon-derps, or doing other misc functions like salvage or loot.  Then, I went out to do a few errands.  Was that being a dick?  Maybe, but then I wasn't ganking anyone, so I sleep just fine. ;)

     The action was fairly brisk according to the star maps, and there was more action going on there than anywhere else in the Eve galaxy/universe.  Doing a mouse-over on the other hubs produced very little action at all.  The bloom of Jita pretty much dwarfed everything else.  About 3 dozen freighters were lost, 2 dozen transports, mostly T2s, and about 8 jump freighters.  About 2300 pods bit the big one over the long weekend, and a pleasingly large number of them are goon-derps, durr-reddit and TEST puppets.  They were shooting each other too - works for me :)  

     There were also a few bloom spikes in the adjacent systems as gankers possibly made runs on some of the traffic jams in Perimeter.  About 3 dozen, mostly T1, transports got popped over the weekend, less than 10 freighters, and 2 jump freighters, along with over 40 pods.  A pleasantly large number of the pods were goon-derps and TEST puppets there, too.

     In Muvolailen, 28 goon-derps, TEST puppets and friends popped a freighter for 700 million in ore, and that was about it :)  Maurasi lost an AFK transport with a mining laser on it, Sobaseki lost 8 freighters, 3 dozen pods, 1 jump freighter, 6 transports (2 are goon-derp ships :)) and 60 ships (yes 60) to take out a jump freighter.  New Caldari had a freighter, and a transport, and Niyabainen had no action at all.

     So, all the totals could be added up, and then a question could be asked, "Was it a success?"  Contrary to many players' belief, including my own, supposedly the Jita event had been in planning for months.  Now had I/we/others deigned it worth our while to sacrifice 80 IQ points to join a goon-derp oriented forum, supposedly we would have been able to read the posts talking about the event.  At any rate, did the event have a big effect on high sec players?  I doubt it, judging by the content of many of the freighters, including the jump freighters and blockade runners.  Who needs a JF or BR in high sec besides approximately no one?  The event would be taking out fellow null/low denizens in those ships most likely.  Did it hamper anyone's ability to access the markets?  Only briefly.  At about 80 million a pop for a tier 3 BC, it's not a cheap proposition to take out a freighter when you need about 25 BCs to do it, or more.  Not that the goon-derps can't afford it.

     In the end, it was a "big deal" for those small few that thrive on attention.  Certainly a lot of money was spent on the ships used to gank, as well as the ones that were ganked.  I'm sure some people did fairly well on the salvage and loot end of things as well, but there was a decent number of Noctis popped as well.  I saw it, didn't get the T-shirt, and then the recess bell ended.  It was an event, but I'm not angry enough or puerile enough to think it was cool.  Interesting from a numbers point of view perhaps, but that's about her.

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