Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some dust, and some minerals and a piece of shite.

     The dust, of course, refers to "DUST", not just plain run of the mill, garden variety "dust".  As a side note, when someone says they have a "garden variety jeep", I'm curious as to what type of garden a jeep might grow in, or what type of a garden one might be apt to regularly find a jeep in? Anyway, DUST has some interesting concepts in it while other aspects are more conventional.  I'm interested to see to what level and depth the interaction between DUST and Eve will be.  I guess just about any active Eve account that applied for a beta code, was able to get one.  No details of course, lest the  uber NDA be violated, anon.  :)  Not knowing what all will be entailed with ground bombardment from space, but me thinks it's time to start pointing the toons towards dreadnoughts, even though I imagine that there will also be new skills in Eve related to interacting with console players.

     The minerals, are the minerals.  The market seems to be a little more stabilized, but still fairly volatile.  Nocxium is coming down, but still higher than the ~ 530 it used to be in the days of the Pax Amarria.  Trit and mex are weebling and wobbling along, but still nice and high.  Not sure what is causing the spikes in pyrite right now, but it's making scordite more than the red headed step child it used to be.  If I was smart enough/motivated enough, I might be able to find out, but in the mean time, scordite is still a better bet than kernite, and gaining ground on our venerable veldspar.  Crazy.  Morphite has lost 50% of it's value since the end of April, and isogen about 15%.  Zydrine and megacyte are still tanking about 50% so I keep picking some up every time I'm in Jita or Amarr.  A clever monkey might be able to make some sweet cash if he were to load up a few freighters of nocx, zydrine, mega and morphite in Amarr, and run it out to oursulaert.  Just sayin'  :)

     The piece of shite, is of course that useless UI.  It looks like it's a keeper now though, for whatever reason, I have NO fucking idea.  The dev blog from Soundwave claims they are bummed out that the UI is so fucked, but not enough to remove the useless change.  Instead, they're proceeding to "fix" the "un-fix", although no word yet on REAL fixes, aside from possibly addressing the massive UI lag.  A motivated young poster, Kasriel, over at the Eve forum pointed out that there are nearly 160 PAGES, mostly about the useless inventory, and that's not including the NEW 28 pages+ about it again, linked to Soundwave's blog.  Lots of great player editing pointing out how CCP claims it needs to/wants to pay more attention to player feedback, yet ignored/ignores the SISI feedback and all the negative comments, most of which would like it to be gone, or at least be able to be switched off.  Some schmuck at CCP can obviously sell electric blankets to the devil as I have yet to see even ONE logical explanation for even ONE function that the useless fucking tree format improves over the old format.  With the supposed updates and fixes, including today's, the windows positions are still not saved, and I guess I'll find out if the lag issues are reduced, even a little.  Here's hoping.

     The rose-coloured-glasses crowd are also convinced that the new inventory is, or is going to be, a bot/macro killer.  Not.  The shitty coding that CCP includes in EVERY GUI update, that fucks with the the window settings, THAT will screw with the botters, but only until the shitty patch gets patched.  The change in the window positions and sizes is only a temporary setback until the bot coders re-jig the cursor positions and  key strokes.  It is far from the notion that the botting apps "can't" be fixed, they just haven't been fixed "YET".  That's, a true fact.  Plus, some of the high sec mining bots, even during the "vaunted" hulkageddon, and the lauded "anti-macro inventory patch", are back macro mining a storm already.  Anyone even remotely interested in finding out how the target of their anti-bot rage operates, can quickly see that patches are not much of a boondoggle for the bots.  And yes, yes, for the anti-bot zealots - those fucking high sec mining bots are ruining the game, 5 million isk an hour, meanwhile the poor little null sec super friends are busy trying to get their macros and bots back online so they can bot the ratting, complexes and anything else on the screen, for 100 times the income.  But look over there!!!  SQUIRREL!  Zealots are funny little sheepses.

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