Monday, October 22, 2012

Galactic Tome of Comparitives

     "The problem is, the risk vs reward is all fucked up!"  

     How many times a day to we read that on some forum or blog, or hear someone whining about it on a podcast?  Pretty much fucking daily with very little expenditure of effort.  What I'd like to know, is where this wonderful, universal table that shows all the different types of risky game play in Eve, and what you can expect to get out of it.  Who has it?  Who wrote it?  Every time I hear someone say that little phrase, it reminds me of how fucking clueless the people saying it really are.  Eve the drones at CCP.

     So how do I know that the "risk vs reward" crowd are full of shit?  A couple obvious reasons.

     First, there's always a ton of whiners crying that people won't leave high sec, or won't go to null or low, (or any other activity or play style in Eve that they think is "winning" faster than them) because the risk vs reward is too high.  So, what the player stands to lose is much greater than what they will gain.  That's complete horseshit because there are thousands of people that have already done that.  They've moved.  So, obviously, their/that assessment is full of shit and the risk vs reward "rule" excuse is busted.

     Second, for me, I don't really give a shit about risk vs reward.  I play games for fun, to relax.  I have a "life".  I have a job.  I'm not looking for more stress, more work, or another job.  If I feel like mining or running missions, and only have a short period of time to waste on a game once a day, once a week or once a month, why would I want to add the complication of pvp or more complicated or lengthy types of play to that?  Answer is, right now, I won't.  Worm holes, COSMOS missions, incursions (again), pvp runs in low and null?  All of those require more time and energy than I am prepared, able or interested in spending right now on Eve.  If that's my Eve state of mind, guaranteed other players think the same.  It has fuck all to do with risk.  That's not to say that others might have more of a concern over losing some electronic pixels, but it's far from the major motivating factor controlling player behaviour that the lizard brains would have all of Eve believing.

     The rallying cry of the players wanting change in the "rules" basically has fuck all to do with anything other than making people play the way they want them to play.  The "sandbox" is only the sandbox if the lizard brain crowd says it is, and that means playing "their way".  Risk vs reward has no meaning outside your own personal set of rules, and it never will.

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