Sunday, October 21, 2012

Smooth criminal

     Whilst doing my despicable mining thing, I was listening to some tunes and some podcasts.  Through a series of semi-related clicks and links, I ended up at the old Eve Radio episode where Riverini was on with the Mittani as part of the debates for CSM 7.  First time I'd actually listened to it.

     First, regardless of what you think of Riverini or his ideas, I give him full props for going one on one with another candidate for the CSM chair.  I give him even more props for doing it in a language which he obviously hasn't mastered, and even more impressively, going head to head with mittens.  Mittens could no doubt make a a person look like an idiot even if they were fluent in English.  Now, whether Riverini is that big of a fan of Eve, thinks his communication skills are up to the task, or a combination of those and other factors, it still took stones to request the debate.  Of course, going back to relevant threads on the Eve O brain drain, the mouth breathers focused on his accent.  Not a surprise from the goon derps and their mental ilk.

     Second, the DJ, Funky Bacon, I thought, was an asshole.  As a supposed big shot in player driven Eve media, he certainly showed his juvenile mentality with the snide remarks and snorts at Riverini's accent and pronunciation.  So much for a responsible and unbiased host.  I certainly don't feel like I missed anything intelligent by not tuning in to any of his other shows.  I wonder how many other languages he speaks, because he certainly has his own problems with basic English.  Again, props to Riverini for stepping into the deep end.  Fail for the funky loser running the thing.

     Third, as per the title, the Mittani is a smooth criminal.  Intelligent, articulate and no one, I think, that the average schmuck would like to get into a war of words with.  Props to him too for being smooth and respectful to Riverini.  It's not at all a surprise, after hearing him speak, to understand why he can lead thousands of mouth breathers around by the nose.  He could have been a jeering dickhead like the host, but he didn't lower himself to that level.  His answers were clever, smooth and succinct, which was in stark contrast to the Riverini struggling with English.  Aside from the stark difference in quality between mittens' and riverini's answers, Mittens also had a huge advantage when it came ot questions involving the function and role of not only the CSM but also of the chairman.  I would tend to agree that communication skills are probably the most important aspects of being the chair, and in that respect, Riverini was/is obviously lacking.

     A guy like mittens could do some amazing things for the BENEFIT of Eve, and I'm not talking about great lawlz while ganking hundreds of unarmed toons, or any other method of fucking with the greater Eve player base.  I'm talking about his obvious management skills to make Eve an attractive game to people/gamers that AREN'T assholes and griefers.

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