Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jester vs the CSM

     Whilst clicking around the pod-verse, I came across the pod cast that was hosted by Alekseyev, where he, Seleene and Hans were going head to head/toe to toe with good ol' Jester.  Episode 33 of the pod cast.

     Interestingly, and I'm not sure why my brain works this way, but I always have rather . . . pronounced expectations when it comes to voices and faces of people I haven't met yet.  I figured Alek would have a Russian accent, Hans a German one, and Jester would be a late 20's to early 30's dude with a slightly higher pitched voice.  Seleene, I had no pre-loaded expectations.  In fact, Alek was the one with the high, nasally voice, Hans had a pleasant voice along with Seleene, and Jester was older with a deeper voice.  At any rate, all the "revelations" were interesting and didn't detract from the podcast.

     The meeting between the 4 was certainly energetic and not exactly un-confrontational.  the 3 CSMers were certainly on the defensive based on Jester's critique of their efforts, so on the podcast, they turned that into offense.  It certainly seemed to me like 3 on 1, but then, Eve IS about blobs too, yes?  :)

     Not as many topics were covered by either side as planned, but they certainly took their time on communications, or lack thereof, from the CSM.  Concessions were made on both sides for certain topics and it made me smile when at one point Alek immediately shot down Jester's suggestion that his alliance was one of the premier PVP alliances in-game.  The episode was very entertaining and neither left me more or less impressed with Jester, who I think managed to hold his own quite adroitly.  Of the three CSMs, Alek was definitely the most butt-hurt and defensive over Jester's blog posts.  Seleene sounded smooth and controlled, and Hans was very impressive with his ability to debate.  All who voted for him have spent their vote wisely, I think.  Unfortunately, not finding out much about him prior to the election, I was not one of his supporters, but I am now.

     As I said, Jester didn't gain or loose any points with me.  One thing I do think now though, after hearing him, is that he is much better at writing his thoughts, than speaking them off the cuff.  Even before though, if jester ever ran for CSM, I wouldn't vote for him.  He is well known enough by the players, and more importantly by the CSM, that he doesn't need to be on the CSM.  I think the level of detail and research he goes into has given him enough credibility that he can make his thoughts known and voice heard, and would have quite nearly the same influence on CCP, but would never have to worry about the NDA muzzle from them.  It's well worth a listen.

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