Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On the chin . .

     I'm not talking about a snappy upper cut, or a piston-like jab straight up the pipe.  No, no.  This is related to my mining libations and searching out pod casts, starting at the old ones and working my way to the present.  What was on the chin was the Mittens' "special sauce" and who's chin it was on was the 4 guys doing the War and Peace version of the Lost in Eve fanfest episode.  Like I said, I go back and start from the earliest ones I can find :)

     Now I am far from immune when it comes to conspiracy theories and general tinfoil hattery, but the tinfoil hats being passed around at Lost in Eve on that particular day are far and above what I could come up with. Mainly because I am not a raging fanboy of mittens.

     Jade, one of the hosts, was adamant that the whole mittens-gate incident was to be placed entirely on the shoulders of anyone at CCP who didn't baby sit the adults sitting behind the table.  I can understand that because apparently Jade is one of the few (or only one) that knows that all the (drunk) people behind the table were actually children under the legal age of consent.  Uhh, ok.  In later episodes, I think he  may have softened his stance a little, but it was still pretty hard-core pro-Alex.

     FrFrmPukin, one of the guest hosts, and apparently a little liquored-up, had a far more sinister theory.  he was pretty much convinced that "Theonewhoshallnotbenamed" concocted a Machiavellian plot to bring about the downfall of the mighty Mittens, whereby the "subject" would send a sad Eve mail to another member of the goons, apparently knowing full well that said correspondence would eventually end up in the hands of an inebriated Alex, days later at fanfest, where Alex would fall prey to his own hubris and call for anyone present to try to get the Eve mail author to commit suicide.  In Pukin's words, the clever "victim" "used Alex against himself".  That was pretty much the pinnacle of ANY tinfoil hat theory that I've ever heard in Eve, or probably anywhere.  It was/is fucking out there.

     Cypher, Pukin's sidekick, was basically a parrot, and added little content of any style or source.  Maybe that's his role, Pukin's Ed McMahon.

     Later, Rundle shows up, and his theory is that no one could ever be that down and lonely that they would blurt out very personal things to complete strangers, and that the whole mail thing was nothing more than an effort to save his mining barges . . . with . . the mail message coming AFTER everything had been exploded. ?  The whole sad Eve mail thing was just a big troll.  Maybe Rundle sees himself as a ruff, tuff rugby playin' dude, and I guess he's been "lucky" enough to never have met people who have had epic fails in their lives (for one reason or another) and end up clinging onto things, as an anchor, that less traumatized people would find very strange.  That being the case, maybe he's a lucky guy.  Maybe.

     I haven't really listened to enough of Pukin or Cyph3r to get an angle on them, but the stances taken by Rundle and Jade are pretty surprising considering that they come across as fairly intelligent and informed dudes.  Maybe Mittens' aura was running extra strong that day and managing to manipulate minds from thousands of miles away.  It certainly surprised me, even well after the fact.  Well up on the weird-shit-o-meter.

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