Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Closer to the heart, a letter from home . .

     Sooo, interesting post from Herr Hilmar.  Not being as long in the tooth in Eve, as some many other players, I am not as plugged in to all the intricacies of the politics and the meta end of things.  For that kind of thing, I like to read Jester's Trek blog.  As a vet, and a fairly intuitive and intelligent person, I enjoy reading his insights into the Eve universe.  Many of his comments tend to be fairly prophetic so when he laid into his theoretical winter update, I took notice.

     I am interested to read what he thinks of Hilmar's post from today sometime.  Either it is an honest, heart felt message that admits he made some errors and is looking to rectify that by working on certain game aspects that are broken, and have been broken for a while, OR it's a smoke screen to try to soften the player let down when the winter update comes and nothing much of any use to FIS is being added.  He points out a number of issues that players have been clamouring for (I'm looking for the ability to repaint my ships :D) and hopefully he gets some of them done in the next couple of months.  Here's hoping I have a chance to burn in my new RAM using new game features in a couple months.

The Point?  Apparently, no one is above being human.  Everyone makes mistakes, including corporate CEOs.  The point is whether they/I/we/you admit you made a mistake and try to fix it.

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