Friday, October 28, 2011

POS: For effect

     After my first little POS party, I did some homework to make sure I was up on the requirements and ready for some POS tear extraction at a later date.  There were a number of other opportunities, but alas, I couldn't fit the party into my schedule.  One finally came along that I could fit in though.  While I was away for the initial attack, I was going to be available for the final run on it, in about 37 hours.  At the same time, an alliance member was having some POS issues of his own, but that's another story.
     The POS was conveniently located in a system that was only a handful of jumps into low sec, not too far away from tha alliance's area of operations, and equally close to where I had positioned all my toons boats.  I had a fairly useful sniper Apocalypse that could handily reach out and touch things at long ranges, but as the batteries were all offline, range wasn't too big of an issue, so I was planning to use multi frequency crystals for some extra pew pew lovin'.  Start time was fast approaching so I started moving the BS's fat but to the system and got some alts in their cloaky frigates to post pickets at a couple systems close to the POS system.  The whole area was fairly quiet but apparently the station's owner was in and out a couple times while we were scratching the paint on the POS tower.  Not sure which gate he was using to come into the system as the gates I was watching showed no activity aside from our blues coming to the party.

     We commenced to shoot, and shoot, and shoot.  Large tower, lots and lots of HP.  As I was monitoring the life of my navy faction crystals, they were regularly damaging themselves at a uncomfortably rapid rate.  Running all 8 lazorz was slowly depleting my cap, so I ungrouped them and just ran 7 so as I wouldn't have to ask for cap.  I'm not even sure if we had anyone on cap booster duty.  As I didn't want to go all n00b on things and pop all my crystals, I took another alt and brought in another set of navy multi and standard crystals with a cloaky frigate.  The systems on the way in were all scouted and clear, plus I had safes, so it was an easy matter.  Did I mention it was a large tower that had a shit load of HP?  Amazingly, I didn't pop a single crystal as we finally downed the tower, scooped up a couple faction modules, and then proceeded to pop all the batteries and arrays . . . and there were a lot of them, all in one big crazy cluster.  I remember some of the POS sites I'd red say that it was smart to keep them separated if for no other reason than it made it a little more inconvenient for people to blow them up on you as they would have to travel around a bit.  In this case though, I just sidled up to about 30km, with everyone else, and we laid waste to everything, one at a time.  For straight up kill mail whoring, it's best for everyone to shoot at the same target, that way, everyone gets in on every KM.  Some people were individuals though and popped shit that there were only one or two names on.  Tsk, tsk.  Bad monkeys . .

     Oh yeah, the dude that owned the POS was a neutral.  So yeah, every time I went to shoot at anything, I got a sec hit and a GCC timer.  Lots of the alliance members are already KOS so it was no big deal for them.  By the end of the festivities, I had lost over 2 points of sec status and was now "a yellow".  No big deal as I figured I would eventually grind it back up as I missioned (which I almost have).  So, with the last GCC still ticking, I docked up after a minute of waiting, to wait out the rest of the GCC.  The station guns onlyI moved the rest of the toons back out of low sec and reshipped for some missions and mining with them.  After GCC was up on the BS toon, I undocked and headed for high sec to reship too.  I get to the last low sec gate, which is clear, and jump back into high sec with the Apoc.  Gate fires, slow load.  . . . aaand, it's still loading with the screen of extreme blackness . . . aaaand loading, aaand loading. WTF?  Thinking maybe I disconnected, but the other toons are responding, so I wait it out.  Screen finally loads, I have a new GCC in high sec, and the warning sirens are howling like banshees as the last of my armour disappears.  Wow, so I quick try to align to get the hell out of dodge, and throw on every repper and mod I can click.  I can tell you what DOESN'T help, is to pick up the mouse and click the buttons while repeated and violently stabbing your hand at the screen, swearing in Klingon.  Good luck with that!  So, in about 3 shots, those terribly nasty gate guns howl through the hull too and that's it for the Apoc.  Nice glitch.  No idea where the GCC came from as I was clear when I undocked and came through 3 low sec systems, plus, I was only -2 for sec status, not even KOS.  Luckily, I had a toon with a salvager in system so I quick rolled over as I orbited the BS wreck in my pod.  Scooped up most of the more expensive mods, and got a little cash for insurance.  Bummer.  Got a bunch of kill mail whoring done though with all the POS bits I helped explode though.  So, not a total loss, I guess . . .

The Point?  POS bashery is fun, as a different kind of activity, but not so fun when a neutral's POS lays holy havoc to your sec status, and then a magical GCC, and some karmic gat lag, lays holy havoc on your mostest favorite battleship.  "You sunk my battleship!!"

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