Friday, October 21, 2011

The Plan: It's all good, yo

     So, I had a slight speed wobble with too many choices, and not enough adults around to help me with said decisions, anon.  Not to fear though, 3 more wobbly pops and I was pretty much back on the straight and narrow.

     As skills have been slowly chugging along, I was running 3 of the toons through Amarr missions to not only help get the Amarr rep up to the recommended level 4, but also, simultaneously, and at the same time even, get the Carthum corp rep up as high as possible to crack open the highest level research agents I could.  That way, I can be slowly squeezing out research points to buy the data core chumblies that I need later for invention or manufacturing, or I can just sell the data cores for beer and chicks.  In Utopian terms, that would be a whole lot of DCs with three toons, for 6 accounts, with max number of research agents going.  over 100 level 4 research agents?  Oh baby!  Mind you, opinion waxes and wanes as to the profitability of data core farming vs the time it takes to do it.  It's all time wasted anyway (it's a game, derp) and one way or t'other, the cores will get bought and used.  It's still free cash.

     So, the main toon is finishing up the last bit of level 3 for the research skills needed for the local agent, and he'll continue doing missions until they are done (in about 2 days or so) and then maybe I'll be able to talk to a level 4 research agent, which would mean more training time, but I'll start him with a level 3 anyway.  The other two toons have done engineering 5 and are a couple days out from science 5, then they can train up the relevant research skills too and start their agents.  The other three toons have engineering 5 done, but are going after maxxing their hulk (exhumer 5) and orca skills (director, industrial and warfare link 5s) before training for science 5 and the tertiary skills.  While they are doing that, they can still mine, which even in high sec still garners about 100 to 150 million a day, and that keeps the PLEXors flowing :)  I'll send the main on his first COSMOS missions with a little salvage support from one of the other research toons, and when I have a handle on the first of the COSMOS lines, the three research toons should be close to level 4 mission agents.  I'll group them up with the miners while the miners crush rock and train their science/research skills, and the researchers can level all 6 Amarr and Carthum reps at the same time.  Lots of grinding, but I can switch it up between security, mining and fedex missions, and the missioning isn't that tedious to me.  Also, while the three research toons are doing the missioning and COSMOS support "thing", they'll be training to get into hulks which only entails learning astrogeology 5.  Then, for LOLz, I can go out in my own little mining fleets with an orca and 5 hulks.  That should be good for a nice little isk boost.

     Also, on the main, I built up an Incursion boat and got it ready to rock, so there's always those to play around with for variety and isk loveliness.  I'll see if I can get an alt in there too, and/or get a couple corpies and start getting our feet wet in sanctuaries.  All the research skills that I need to do data cores will also help with other manufacturing and invention tasks too, no doubt.  So, SO many things to do in Eve.

The Point?  Plans are a satisfying thing, if you manage to stick with them, and wait it out to see your shiney new skills come out o' the oven, yo. 

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