Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spinny ships . . . yawn

     So, yeah, ship spinning was fun, when I didn't know what else there was to do in Eve or was in a war dec and didn't think I could undock, but now?  Meh.  Especially since the wonderful ship spinning patch has also decided to endow me with the bonus ability of being able to instantly, and randomly re-position every window on the right hand side of my GUI, every time I dock or un-dock.  Other people reported the same glitch.  Even pinning the windows accomplishes nothing - it just makes them harder to see when they decide to pop up in another location.

     Pain in the ass?  Yeah.  The upside was, that while three of the toons were out running some Fedex missions, it didn't screw with things much as I just leave the agent screen up and use the links off that.  The mining that the other three toons were doing was also less affected as I used mainly my bookmarks.  I tried uninstalling the "patch" but as there was a smaller patch after the big main patch, only the small patch uninstalled and the random-ass window relocations continued.  I wasn't given the option of uninstalling the primary patch, unless that option is available by rooting around some more in the settings.  Some people seemingly weren't affected by the glitches at all.  I suppose that's karma though, as other patches have really messed with people while I have cruised along relatively unscathed.

     I can hardly wait for patch day to fix what happened on patch day.

The Point?  People are funny animals when a "patch" merely restores some simple game mechanic that has nothing to do with game functionality, and players are all a-buzz over it.  Shaved monkeys, man.

PS - You can spin ships in space, y'know, just maybe don't try it in space unless it's high sec or you're alone/cloaked.  Doing some ship spinning while warping is pretty trippy too.

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