Saturday, November 24, 2012

King of blogs? Podside #7 necro

     Whilst doing the high sec care bear thing and catching up on old podcasts, I came across episode 7 of podside.  Apparently, being low in retrospective thought, and high in blood alcohol level (just guessing there, in defence of their thought processes . . .) a number of podside participants took umbrage at Mord Fiddle's post on his blog entitled Victory Conditions.  I know, June, but I said necro in the title, right?

     A long while back, I went all the way back in Mord's blog as far as it was saved, and started reading forward.  Unlike me, Mord is an excellent writer.  Articulate, clever, and a very entertaining and an educational writer where it comes to null sec news.  He's got a wry sense of humour and a sarcastic/ironic writing style that, based on the comments, a fair number of people don't "get".

     Another person who doesn't get it, is this dude named Spencer, on the podside episode, and apparently he's a Mittens fan and got butt-hurt because of the way Mord wrote his blog articles, and that Mord was so anti-Mittens because of the Goon's whole ministry of love thing where the goons were going after the authors of online meta content that was anti-goon.  At any rate, mord wrote a tongue in cheek post about how he would accept the Mitten's surrender on behalf of ANY persecuted blogs or podcasters, not ALL of them.  I thought it was funny and brilliant, but that's only because I actually READ what is written, and not jump completely over fucking conclusions like the lads at podside.  For whatever reason, the participants of that show were infected by the cloud of stupid or lack of sense of humour, and they all go stumbling off into the dark at about the 49 minute mark.

     So, at the start of Spencer's "rant", he asks if he's over reacting or not.  Well, yeah, in the same way the Lost in Eve crew went 100% tinfoil in the suicide-gate fan fest podcast, yeah dude, you fuckin' over reacted.  LOL

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