Thursday, November 8, 2012

The plaaaan . . .

     At this point, and it's only about 2 years in, the most gratifying sound to come from Eve/Aura is "skill training completed" in that sultry little voice.  Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, at this point, she only speaks her mind about once a week, if I'm lucky.

     At this point in world domination, all the toons have their high and low sec mining skills maxxed.  All the core skills are at 4, with a number at 5 if they were needed as prerequisites for more advanced ones.  All the individual racial frigate skills are 5, and most have cruiser and battleship skills at 5.  Most of the toons can also fly an orca and a freighter, and 3 or 4 physical freighters are usually enough to handle mineral transport duties to and from the trade hubs.  With racial destroyers and battlecruisers rumoured, I switched all the toons' training to get both of those up to level 5.  Somewhere, sometime, somebody mentioned, I think, that anyone with BC or destroyer skills at 5 would get some kind of grandfathered bonus when the new racial boats and their skills skills come out.  So, what the hell, I figured I'd train them up, just in the off chance that it saves some training time later.

     All the toons can manufacture and do ME and PE research, and can build all the capital ship components.  I was dabbling in orca production for a while and making about 200 to 250 million profit per boat, which was nice.  Other observant players noticed the same trends though, and the market areas I was using were flooded with orcas, so my last one didn't sell.  I managed to sell 6 or 7 of them though, so I was happy.  I might get some more BPC packs for some orcas and try again, but prices are a little flaky right now and even the BPC packs have gone up a lot.  My orca BPO is still in research and nowhere near ready to use yet.  I have some freighter, dread and carrier BPC packs and intend to relocate to near a low sec system and make a few capitals for sale.  I bought a number of capital construction BPOs and they are currently in research.  A long haul at one month per upgrade point though.  I bought a few compression BPOs for some T1 items, so I'll use those to hop the minerals into the low sec station I plan to use if it means too many freighter jumps.  Multiple freighter pilots means I can make hay while the sun shines as an alt watches the system and gates.  I'll permanently leave an alt from one of the accounts sitting in there in a T1 with a prototype cloak so I don't need to jump it in to scout.

     All the toons are going to be aimed at carriers and dreads, wiht a couple also aimed at flying a rorqual.  They will also be able to fly the standard fleet ships like drakes, canes and eventually tengus as well as their racial T3 ship.  The downside of having long duration skills in que also provides the upside of not having to worry about loading skills every day.  More short duration skills will be needed, obviously, when I start cross training the toons on other racial weapons and boats, but that is not until well into the new year.

     While I wanted to, and still would like to, run the COSMOS that I started, and maybe even try some more incursion fleets, for now, I can generate a good steady income, plex the accounts, and keep the training plans full until I decide I'm ready to try WH space or null.  In the near future though, time permitting, I'll start looking more closely at the requirements for some low sec cap production.

     The trick with Eve, is time manipulation.  Get as many revenue generating schemes running simultaneously as possible.  PI + manufacturing + some mining (for more minerals for more ship production) is a good start at doubling or tripling the Eve time.  Isk per hour will obviously vary, but it's still passive activity that is, or will, eventually generate income.  Patient entry into the cap production will allow me to keep a suitable ISK buffer and not leave me with a bunch of caps that I can't get rid of.

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