Sunday, November 18, 2012

Smooth Criminal, Pt 2

     No, this isn't another lament about the Mittenzes, it's about one of his directors.  Whilst doing my menial mining-thing, I've still been plugging away at old podcasts, working my way to thepresent, and have listened to a number of episodes where Courthouse is a guest.  He seems to be a fairly regular fixture on the podside shows, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

     Courthouse is one of the Goon diplomatic directors and he is also a Cluster Fuck Coalition manager.  No doubt he is talented at it as he is also another smooth, articulate and intelligent individual.  He has a measured and calm way of speaking and every time he speaks, I can't help but think there's some strategic or diplomatic agenda that he is steering the podcast towards.  I'm not really a paranoid, but I am aware that he IS a Goon.  A HIGH LEVEL Goon, and they're always scheming about something.

     He's covered a number of topics in the basically free-form podcast episodes and has shared some insights on some of the higher level Goonfleet motives, some principles behind some of the ship doctrines as well as the "Goon side" of the instance where the Goon finance department bent CCP over the faction warfare barrel and made them and the Eve economy squeal like a pig.  Apparently, the Goons told CCP that the FW changes were wide open to abuse, and nothing was done.  Supposedl;y, they told Punkturis, (you know, the one who completely fucked up the inventory with that unified piece of shit?), and she did nothing, likely because she had NO clue what they were talking about.  That part of the Goon tale, is fairly believable IMO.  So anyways, the Goons figured the only way to get their attention was to demosntrate what they were talking about, and, well, the rest is Eve history.  Not being overly cautious, while listening to all the things he says, I am very aware of what his job is, who he plays/works for, and that some of the things he says start smelling very much like spin and propaganda at times.

     He IS a very big fan of Mittenzes, he is NOT a very big fan of the current CSM, nor triple A's leadership and tactics, and he IS very knowledgeable about Eve and it's history, especially null sec history and politics.  He's another very smooth criminal who is very good at putting positive spins on all things Goony, and it is no surprise that guys like him and Mittenzes work together in game.  Those two are in extremely stark contrast compared to the general goon derps I've been "lucky" enough to run across.  Another savvy handler in the goon derp herd.

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