Tuesday, November 20, 2012

QQ - Eve's waning bloggery. ?

    O M G!!  Eve blogs and such are d i e i n g!

     Or at least, that's what I read.  Not sure where all that comes from though.  I think part of it is because apparently the mittanni.com is gobbling up writers and bloggers faster than the Langoliers.  As more and more good writers are apparently/allegedly/approximately forsaking their blog writing in favour of plying their trade in a more professional and perhaps visible venue.  The fear might be that all the quirky differences and opinions will be mopped up under the blobbing coalitions of a few big sites like Evenews24, and the aforementioned one.  Lack of variety of opinion, and all that rot.

     Apparently along with this gravitational pull of big sites, the blog pack has had/suffered/seen drastic decreases in blog-member activity.  Not surprising really as ownership and the site has hopped around enough times that it might have lost itself.  Thankfully, there's Google.

     Blogs come and go, as their writers come and go.  Life happens, interests change.  Some people get all enthusiastic about some particular "thing", and think, "Hey!  I could write a blog about that!"  I will be the first to point out (and at me) that being able to write a few random thoughts on a blog makes you a blogger, not a writer.  Writing, like many, many things, is an art.  It's a special way of thinking and seeing things in your mind, and then being able to put that in words.  Like poetry, perhaps, but with less rhyming shit (yes, I like poems to have rhyming shit).  Blogging is not a quick and dirty thing, at least not for me, and it can take hours to get something written, even when it's mostly written out in my head already.  I'll start writing, then go look for a link, or a picture or a reference, try to resist the SQUIRREL! urges, and next thing I know, a couple hours have gone by.  At least right now, I want to be playing Eve and/or DUST, not writing about them.  I think a lot of starting-out or would-be bloggers find that while initially they might have a lot to say, the blogging thing gets old fast and attention and interest drifts.  Some people keep an eclectic blog going that changes along with their interest(s), but with Eve, I think for the most part that the two biggest culprits of Eve blog-fade are A) losing interest in Eve (either completely or just sliding into bitter mode), and 2) losing interest in the amount of effort required to blog regularly, either because life gets too busy or they can't think of anything they'd particularly like to write about.

  Either way, or any way, I don't think it's a big deal.  People and blogs come and go, and while there might be an ebb in active blogs, or at least active blogs of "quality" right now, It will no doubt change.  So, no, chicken little, I worry not that the blogs are falling of the edge of the Eve universe.

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