Friday, November 4, 2011

Incursions, too

     My first foray into Incursions was with my alliance.  Low pressure, low key, a bunch of players I knew or was familiar with.  It was good.  I had red a lot of information about gankers, griefers and shitty FCs.  Not exactly love stories for a player with an expensive boat, not that a N Geddon is even close to the cost of a Mach, or Nightmare, or other such ships.  But for those "war stories", that was enough to make me leery of hooking up in a PUG.  This time though, I had a couple hours to burn, so I thought what the hell.

     I slow boated over to the closest Incursion system, and opened up the public shield fit channel.  Figured I'd spam them both with my fit while I sat there waiting.  I was using 4 other toons to mine and run missions.  Figured I might as well make some cash while I was floating in space.  Progress was slow.  Not a lot of people seemed to be around, so I watched people advertise their fits and preferred Incursion name in the chats, and added my name to the mix every few minutes.  About 15 minutes went by.  When it rains, it pours though, and all of a sudden, 3 people were asking for DPS boats, and asking to X-up with fits.  Cool.  Dropped my fit in the chat, got picked up right away, and then the 7 man fleet slowly started to dwindle after a couple minutes of waiting for logi boats.  Meh, so I dropped fleet too, and went back int other mix.  Another fleet was asking right away too, so I dropped my fit again.  Got picked up by a large fleet that was ready to go.  Strong fleet too.  4 Machs, 2 Nightmares, Tempest, me, and 3 logis.

     The FC was pretty laid back, no anchor, no drone controller, just drop in, stay where you are, and blow the crap out of the standard mobs.  Great fleet, lots of horsepower, and people knew how to use their boats. We mopped up a lot of rooms in pretty short order, 8 or 9, and then the FC had to log.  A couple others left too, but the core stayed.  We only had to pick up a handful more players to flesh out the fleet.  A Vindicator, Bhaalgorn and another logi, and then off we went again.

     Once again, we had some fairly decent firepower.  There were a couple other fleets in system, one having even more DPS than us, and another one with considerably less.  Two or three of the Vanguard rooms were contested, but only one was against the big dogs, the other two were against the weaker fleet.  Again, good logis, a good FC, and I think the biggest thing was that the mobs were going down so fast that worrying about taking incoming fire was pretty much a moot point.  We managed to run 7 or 8 more sites, and then that FC had to leave too, and the rest of the fleet broke up soon after.  Perhaps my first incursion PUG was a rare good one, but I doubt it.  No one was commenting on how the fleet was a good one and a nice change from all the shitty ones, so for that reason, I'm thinking that decent fleets are the norm, not the exception.  I got another .35 Concord rep increase, and a little over 170 million in just less than 2½ hours.  A few more runs like that and I'll have my own Bhaalgorn.

The Point?  Drop into an Incursion system, advertise your bad self, and start blowing rat faces off :)

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