Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New goodies are good goodies

     Well, there certainly are a pile 'o features coming up in the Crucible update.  There's lots of technical info regarding the tweaks to the ships and guns, especially for the Gallente.  That's great, but as I don't have a lot of seat time in Gallente boats, ATM, the updates will likely be live before I get flying the boats much, so the improvments will likely go un-noticed, save for all the (hopefully) raves by more frequent Gallente fliers.

     Some of the things I am looking forward to though, are the T2 warfare links.  That will be interesting, but will definitely add a pile of time to the training que.  The ship fitting window tweaks are also going to be handy for the stats geeks when it shows outgoing drone, turret and missile DPS, as well as the defensive DPS your boat can take.  A cool aspect is also that missed shots, will actually miss now.  When I tried Perpetuum, that's how they treat missed shots.  There's supposedly a new layout for the autopilot display, and the thing I look forward ot the most is the new warp and dock/jump/activate feature.  Apparently, coming soon, when you select a gate, and hit "D" (dock/warp/jump/activate), you will now warp to the gate, and then automatically jump through.  Awesome.  There might be a counter for the ship spinners too.  Funky, but I plan to be undocked too much to ever worry about that.

     One of the best things, that hopefully puts a damper on griefers, is that there will be no insurance payout when you get Concorded.  Yay!  Poor little griefers.  So, hopefully that makes people pause before trying to use the new tier 3 glass cannons for griefing, but then again, with the Gallente weapon buffs, and all the other ship upgrades, it might make it easier to gank people using cheaper boats anyway.  I guess we'll have to see how that works out.

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