Wednesday, November 30, 2011

T'was the Christmas before Christmas, and all through the void . . .

     Makes me wonder if there is an Eve version of the Night Before Christmas.  I imagine that there are enough clever people in Eve that there HAS to be one out there somewhere.  Lots of other versions, but no Eve-related one . . yet.  Pity.

     So maybe it is because I was finally able to get back to incursions and try out my new Bhaalgorn.  Maybe it is because our fail war dec is finally over.  Maybe it's both.  At any rate I'm really looking forward to the clever little twists and turns that the expansion will crack open.  Some of the items I'm looking forward to, some I'm fairly ambivalent about, at least at this point in my Eve "career".  At this point, this is a nice early gamer Xmas for me, as I'm a fairly simple guy.

     I'm really looking forward to the buffs to the Gallente ships, their weapons and the destroyer class.  As a newer-ish player, I'm still interested in cutting my teeth on scan sites and a more capable destroyer gives me the options of the bigger ships, along with the cargo capacity, but still allows them into the sites that block even a cruiser.

     The warp wormholes will be a cool graphic, and I really don't worry too much about new nebulae backgrounds.  That's more artsy-ness than I'm interested in.  New ship models are cool, but of not much interest if I can't fly them right now and by the time I get to them, it really won't matter that I didn't know what they used to look like.  What does interest me though, is the emblems on the ships.  That, in my mind, is the precursor for custom player graphics and skins on the ships.  That should be a great and ongoing MT product that won't freak players out and make them want to start shooting at statues again . . . mostly . . . maybe.

     There are likely going to be a few small details that are added or tweaked that people will find out about at the last minute, or after the fact.  Two of the PVP oriented ones I like are the lack of ship insurance payouts when you get popped by Concord, and as I am eyeing low/null sec, the patch that produces aggression for dropping a warp bubble is also a good fix.  The warp bubble problem was much the same as the neutral repping issue continues to be.  When CCP gets to the neutral repping issue, I'm sure a lot of people will be happy except for the ones currently exploiting it.

     The new BCs will be cool as well, but right now, I can't think of anything I'm doing where I could employ one.  If the armor is comparable to my scanning Harby, maybe I can upgrade the firepower and retain the ship's intended functionality for me.  The boats will likely be stupid expensive for a while, as well as their BPOs, so I'm in no real rush to go out and get one/some.  I'm just looking forward to being able to fly a Drake with my Amarr main :)  It'll be a fun change from the lazar boats I'm used to.  Simple steps.  Simple steps.

     I think the new autopilot and looting mechanisms will be a very nice and useful addition, and I'll likely need to pay attention to learn how to use them properly/effectively.  I'm also looking forward to seeing the crazy things that people will figure out to do with them.  I also look forward to trying out the new T2 mining and warfare links.  Mmmmmmm . . . roidses.  By the time this posts, I should be patched, logged in, and saving the universe, unless things go horribly sideways on the patch, me or both.  Interestingly, there was great concern that training cues should be loaded up with at least a few days worth of skills.  The larger the paranoia, the closer that cue time was recommended to be 5 days or more.  Quite by happenstance, I was already good to go for at least 2 days with all the toons.

The Point?  Christmas doesn't always just come once a year :)

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