Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Plan: Plateaus and new peaks

     The training plan has thankfully reached a few new high points in the plan for Eve domination.  Sort of unanticipated, but as the core skills all get up near max, that makes it much easier to start branching out sideways into many new shiny boats.  It also frees up the mental load, and allows one to think of other interests in the Eve-verse.

     The main has finally gotten into his Hulk and is nearly trained to Exhmuer 4, which is where he'll sit for a while.  Rep is up to lvl 4 with Carthum, so a lvl 3 R&D agent is busy plugging away at about 100 RP/day.  Not a lot, but a start.  I could, and want to, talk to a lvl 4 R&D, but I need to train the science skills up to lvl 4, and that takes a little over 3 days x 4 skills.  I have some other things that I want to do before devoting a couple weeks to that.  Incursions are coming along nicely, and I'm planning to try to FC a some fleets, starting tonight.  I'm 4 days away from flying a fairly shiny-fitted Bhaalgorn, so I bought one along with some faction webbers, and other mods.  I'll point the toon at flying that and then it will hopefully be fairly easy to get Incursion invites with a tricked out dual-web boat.  That would mean more isk.  At the same time, if I find I am fine with FCing Vanguards, I can get isk whenever I want to built a corp/alliance fleet, or just PUG it.  After that, I'll see about topping up the science skills while mining/Incursion-ing isk, and then put him in an Orca to help with transportation duties to get back to COSMOS missions, as a better transport boat for mining ops, and as a possible future WH closer.

     My main alt is now only 2 skills out from a perfect Orca pilot, but those two skills are going to be almost 2 months of training.  She's got the books now, so she's headed towards R&D skills as well now and should be ready to talk to agents by the time all her skills are up.  She's also going to Metallurgy and Research 4 (at 3s now) and I'll start picking up some BPOs and work their ME and PE up in prep for later.  I'll get her warfare link skills all up to 4's (mostly 3s now) so she can run a boost Orca for the COSMOS and lvl 4 combat missions, and provide ship fitting and loot/salvage storage.

     The other two alts are now perfect hulk pilots, and topped off the last of their drone skills to lvl 4.  They're now also training up some of the science skills to do some R&D.  The one alt will be then heading towards a logi ship to help support mission running, while the other goes straight at combat ships.  The logi alt also has metallurgy and research up to 3 already, and will go to 4s to help with basic ME and PE duties too.  I could easily dual box two DPS incursion boats, but until I get more experience, I doubt I could dual box a logi and a DPS.  So, the combat alt will head towards some kind of a shiny and double the Incursion income.

     The two newest toons are slowly building up their skills as needed.  they can both fly BCs in support of some of the tougher COSMOS missions, but they are also just finishing off their last science skill for the R&D agents, and they can both run lvl 4 missions with Carthum too.  After that, the one toon goes towards the last 7 or 8 days for her Hulk, while the other does the last 8 or 9 days for his Iteron 5.  When that is reached, they'll both head towards the 12 day span for lvl 4 science skills, and then go for multiple R&D agents.  I might get one of them to start doing ME/PE research too.  The other alt has high salvage and ORE industrial skills, so it'll run salvage duty on the higher level missions while the other 2 combat boats (BSs of some flavour) will finish up mission sites and one runs off for more missions.

     I'm not in any rush to sprint up to the control panel and hammer the "I WIN!" button, so as I look more into the indy side, I see more areas of Eve to explore.  They are all rather time intensive skills though, so I'll make sure they can all fly some decent combat and support ships first before going too hard at manufacturing.  There are so many unique missions to run, in so many different areas of Eve space, that I think the wormhole part of the plan will be put on pause for the time being.  With a higher competency and interest in indy play, I'm looking more closely at POS operation.  My main can set up a high sec POS now, and between myself and a couple others, we'll either massage the players of a corp or buy a high rep corp to set up a POS.  Lots of time for that as I start picking up certain BPOs and research them.

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