Sunday, November 27, 2011

O.R.E. and their goodies . .

     Heeeere kitty, kitty . . .  It's amazing how hard it was to find something useful on ORE gear, aka their implants.  Google brought up a number of links but not a lot of it was useful, and even more of it was very old - like 4+ years old.  Maybe I was just doing it wrong.  Finally though, I finally struck pay dirt, and as it would happen, it was only mere minutes after my initial post.  That's usually the way it works though.  The ORE gear was much like the mumblings about Incurions from people I asked - a lot of rumour and little meat.

     So, I found out a number of small things, and then after getting them put together, I started being able to make sense of the whole ORE corp thing.  It's not that it is some kind of occult knowledge, or some kind of conspiracy, it just seems that a couple years ago when some game changes were made, aside from the NPC ORE corp's ships, their harvest implants and seemingly their mining lasers too, ended up being rare commodities. This, seemingly because the ORE agents stations were moved down into a null sec pipe in the Outer Ring region and that makes it hard for the average ore sucking care bear to roll on down there and casually go about his business running mining missions and grinding LP to get said items.  Hey, and what's up with the Primae??  I do PI, use mainly transports, but bought one, and wow, useless or what?!?

     DaOpa's Eve site was a great resource for finding out some of the details.  Don't know how old that database is, but at least I can see that the items I'm after aren't mission rewards (they still might be to some degree) but that they are LP store items that can be bought.  Cool.  Problem is, the lone high sec ORE agent won't talk to my toons.  Not sure why . . . yet.  They have almost a 2 standing with ORE, which should be more than high enough.  I guess I'll need to run some missions with a friendly connection to ORE and indirectly increase my standings with them that way in the hopes of getting high enough for the ORE agent to cough up some missions.  The ORE agent is part of the Sisters of Eve epic arc chain, so I'll start there.  Also, there might even be a BPO for the strip miners.  It isn't listed in the database, so maybe the sites aren't in sync because one site is out of date.  Either way, it's something else to keep in mind.  Just get the BPO and make my own miners because supposedly the ORE lasers have a couple km range boost.  I'd like that :)  If I could sell them and make beeellions and beeellions of isk, that would be quasi OK too.

     Handy thing, I also stumbled across this faction database that shows the relationship of the major factions and corporations in Eve.  Thank you Mr Arrs Grazznic!  Turns out ORE doesn't really like Amarr much, and my main actually has a -2 standing with ORE now.  Dohhh!  No matter, we're at war right now so I won't be running missions for a bit anyway.  I'll use this time to edjumacate myself on the ORE rep situation with the two lowbie toons.  Once they get up higher in rep, they can flet up and boost the other toon(s) indirectly.  Also, it appears that the smart thing to do is raise my Minmitar and Gallente rep.  Apparently ORE just loves those two races, especially the Minnies.  Figures . . . 

     None of this is likely a news flash to a seasoned player, but I am not one of those.  So, I'll run some level 4 mining missions and see how much cargo capacity I actually need for them.  I'll see if a tweaked BS could generate the necessary cargo capacity for them as even a gimped BS will have WAY more tank than any kind of mining barge.  It IS low sec after all.  Barring that, I'll look at the cheapest mining barge I can get that has sufficient capacity for level 4 mining missions, and see about running a bunch of them down in a blockade runner or three.  I'll need to do a preliminary scout and likely set up a bunch of safes in the joining systems and a bunch of safe warp-in directions to avoid any possible gate camps or bubbles.  Lots to do, lots to plan, but first, need to be on speaking terms with ORE.

The Point?  Like so many other things in Eve, you need to get your ducks in a row, but only after you manage to find out how many ducks you have in the first place . . .

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