Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Plan: Pie for everyone, part deux

     Last time, when talking about pie charts and skill training, I got hungry.  Had to take a little time out to aggro some banana cream pie of my own.  Additionally, it made the post length somewhat less epic in length.  It's all good though, so now, on to the last two toons.

     The 5th toon is a family member's account who is fairly engrossed in higher learning at the present, and currently lacks the spare time to engage in space-based Tom-foolery.  Her toon is Gallente, and was trained in basic combat ships and skills for initial mission running.  It has fewer skill points than the other 4 toons.  I picked up the gauntlet, and spent a few days to quickly get her into a Mammoth, so the other 4 toons could utilize their higher level mining skills, and she could empty mining jet cans instead.  I then pointed her at the mining barges, and the core skills needed to fly them, as well as some drone skills for mining drones and combat air patrol for rats.  It's sort of a disjointed effort while chasing skills on a beginner toon, when you have more advanced requirements for its use.  As of late, she has been trained up to BCs and some gunnery skills to help out on the COSMOS missions, and she has trained the major R&D skills, and is now training the minor skills to level 3 to talk to the R&D agent.  She's one of the 3 initial R&D toons and also has salvage skills to help out when running missions.  Once the science skills are up to minimum, she'll head for a hulk and then start the process of bringing the core skills up, the way the other toons did.  She'll get a healthy dose of combat skills to complete her ability to mine, and then, we'll see what the plan will be, but that will be at least a couple months down the road.

     The last toon is another family member engaged in the throes of higher education.  He's also interested in Dust 514, but I'm not sure if this account will be the one used over XBox, are a separate account will handle that if he indeed has the time to play.  It's another Gallente toon, and another with a start on basic combat skills and ships, and the toon with the lowest skill points.  This toon assumed the role of jet can transport in an Iteron 4, and the previous toon was promoted to miner in her Retriever.  This toon also trained for R&D and was running COSMOS missions and distribution missions for rep, and can now decently fly a battle cruiser.  He can also fly a Retriever and will go for an Iteron 5 after the other science skills are finished up, then possibly a hulk as well.  He'll also top up all his core skills and then we'll see where he's at after a few months, and much more missioning.

     As mentioned, all the toons can salvage, as I have this ADHD thing with leaving wrecks=cash=loot=cash, so any boat except for the main pew pew ship has at least a salvager, if not a salvager and a tractor beam on it.  All the toons are all trained to PI 4, so with the recent PI and POCO changes, the prices have apparently gone up and there might be some extra cash from PI now too.  As time marches on, I'll be able to mount a 4 hulk, 1 Orca, 1 Iteron 5/hulk mining fleet, which should be some fairly healthy ore, for high, null or WH space action.  My main can run L4 missions with Carthum, so he's fleeted up with the other two newest toons to accelerate their climb to L4, which should happen before their science skills are done.  Then, with 3 Lvl 4 research agents going, I can fleet up the other toons to accelerate their rep to L4 in preparation for their R&D as well.  My main has high enough rep already to set up a POS in high sec now, sweet, but there are a lot of manufacturing skills to be initially trained, and POs setup and management, as well as the corp and permissions, are still a big unknown for me.  Still making good isk, managing the toons, and lots of interesting things to explore yet, so I can level up some more mission/COSMOS/Incursion related skills before worrying about more grandiose things.

The Point?  Plans are a good thing to have, and if you can stick to it and endure the long haul, it's very satisfying to finally reach major plateaus and goals. :D

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