Friday, November 18, 2011

Missions, missions . . . . EVERYWHERE

     The one thing about Eve, that's sort of crazy, is all the missions, and gents, and did I mention missions?  Just doing some simple math, there are something like 7500 systems in even.  Often multiple agents per system, not to mention the special agents that are out and about, floating in space with a ship to fly up to.  While many are similar, and something tells me that the same level of agent will offer the same catalogue of missions, in random occurrence, the variety of different agent types and locations will keep things interesting for a long time.

     I ran enough missions with Carthum to be able to talk to their level 4 R&D dudes, but I only have the skills up to level 3.  It's another 12 to 16 days to get the science skills up to level 4 to talk to their big dogs.  More important things to do right now than train that.  Slowly levelling up the toons and building up some isk by running Incursions and then back to the missions, although the isk from Incursions is very  . . . addicting.  :)

     The COSMOS missions I've run so far were very cool.  I love seeing new systems, new types of space, new stations and different kinds of missions.  I've only scratched the surface on Incursions and look to collect a whole pile of funky BPOs, and then see how easy some of them will be to make.  I'm also looking forward to seeing the Data Centre agents, and eventually would like to run the epic arcs as well.  As most of the other toons, besides my main, have rather abysmal combat skills, the intervening time between now and some incursion cash build-up will involve training up the combat skills to carry on with COSMOS in a salvage and support capacity and then see where I want to go next.  I have no doubt now, that the "next" will likely be a number of months down the road as the COSMOS missions take a while when running them in threes.

The Point?  There are SO many missions in Eve, of so many different types, I find it incredulous when people say they are "bored" of missions.  Reminds me of when I lived in Germany for four years, and friends and co-workers said they were "bored" with Europe after living there for 6 months. O.o

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