Thursday, November 3, 2011


     Dontcha just love acronyms, or at least short forms?  Sometimes, it's almost as if it's this unspoken race or contest to see who can come up with the most apt acronym for some new game feature.  PI is an oldie and a goodie, but new ones like "POCO" are tougher, and can be a PITA to figure out.

     So, the Player Owned Customs Office (aka POCO) were a recent announcement of a revamp for the whole PI thang.  It's clever, because it feels like it will fit nicely with the whole Dust 514 thing when it goes live.  Control the planet, control the resources, control the customs office, control the resource access.  Lots of sand box room in there.  I imagine strong enough corporations might make a living at building and defending POCOs, and not really give a shit about the PI or the systems/sovereignty, and might be able to make a living just charging for access to their resources on the planet.  I also imagine that planet owners would not allow such things to happen, but there might be all kinds of new and clever player services to be offered in cojunction with the POCOs.  Time will tell.

     Also, in line with the POCOs, and the enhanced need for building resources now, there's also the Goon ice blockade.  Apparently, many, if not all, of the PI products are starting to become more expensive.  As PI is a fairly mind numbing thing to do, even though it only takes a couple of minutes, and also seeing as how  was clever enough to train ALL the toons, including some of their alts, up to L4 PI, I should get off my space-ass and fire up the extractors again.  I was only producing a single product, so I would probably have to go shopping for a couple more planets to produce more items though.  I would imagine the P3 items would have the biggest price increase - but could be wrong on that.  The fact that areas now run out of resources, and the operations occasionally have to be moved, sort of made me lose interest for a while.  I'll have to check the market and see if the increase in prices injects iskie signs in my corneas aand piques my interest again.  PI is something I should be more interested in if I figure I want to fly a POS some day when I grow up.

The Point?  Whenever there's some kind of task or activity in a game, that is a PITA to do, especially for a consumable item, there's usually money to be made.

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